The New Nature of Aquaculture
Welcome to AquaMaof, a world leader in indoor seafood production technology.

Our new site

 is coming soon

Our new site

 is coming soon


AquaMaof is the developer of a world leading sustainable cost-efficient land-based indoor aquaculture technology. With over 30 years of global experience, our advanced RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) based platform enables the intensive production of seafood in ways that are nature-friendly and financially beneficial. We are a unique player in the field of aquaculture: our team of technology and aquaculture experts are fish farmers, born and raised, who possess deep understanding of the aquaculture world. With a vast background in the seafood industry and ample experience in all aquaculture disciplinaries, we have been researching and developing, designing and producing operational solutions for aqua farming in over 50 locations around the world.

AquaMaof works with nature, applying our know-how and vision to create cutting-edge, sustainable, and efficient fish and seafood production. Our self-developed technology utilizes next generation techniques to save time and expenses; spare the oceans; and ensure fresh, clean, and fast produce of different fish and seafood species. Creating a fully-controlled ecosystem for seafood production, with no antibiotics or chemicals in the process, result in a completely natural and healthy product.

Smart fish farming is a natural evolution of a responsible, sustainable nutrition. It is The New Nature of Aquaculture.

While we are working on a new website that will provide you with a lot more information about us, our technology and projects around the world, we invite you to:

Visit us at AquaNor 2019, Norway,
August 20-23, Hall D, Stand #D-322

and at China Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2019,
Oct 30 – Nov 1st, Hall W1, Stand #0315

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