Turn-key Ponds 








Healthy environmental conditions, including water drainage, waste management, aeration, and Ph stability are the keys to a successful extensive farming project. Over the years AquaMaof has assisted countless clients in setting up successful projects. While the technical requirements for extensive aqua farming are less demanding, extensive aqua farming needs customized equipment for aeration, fish elevation, vacuum pumps, and more. AquaMaof adopts a comprehensive approach to setting up and integrating extensive system components.

High Efficiency, Modular Design

AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies’ extensive worldwide experience has resulted in the development of our acclaimed AOPS facilities. The modular engineering design is easily and effectively adapted to local requirements so as to reduce owner’s initial cost as well as to ensure the highest fish output at the lowest operating cost on the market. AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies’ in-house team has all the know-how and hands-on experience to supply a comprehensive A-Z turn-key package starting from project concept through product marketing. Of course we can provide any part of the program under warranty to suit your particular situation if you do not need us to supply the complete facility. We are a proven company that is capable of delivering the full range of services and equipment needed for implementing a successful project.

Project step by step:

    Assess potential sites, evaluate the market and recommend marketing options.
    Preliminary engineering concept takes into account commercial requirements and local conditions.
    Define fish cage quantities and volumes according to stocking densities, feed regime, growth rate and stocking material availability for each fish species.
    Project supply description, open ponds system, Building structures and site equipment.
    Appoint a full time dedicated project manager, equipment procurement and delivery, project construction management.
    Implement stocking plan, provide in-depth training courses to project staff for management and operation of facility. Reach facility operational status.
  • 24/7 SUPPORT
    Support service and remote problem solving. Routine site visits with additional visits by request. Assistance in locating stocking material and feed. Veterinary services.
    We are committed to your success by sharing over 20 years of our experience together with a select team of devoted world class experts in the field of aquaculture.