Indoor RAS



Oxygen Dissolving System (ODS)

AquaMaof’s Patented Oxygen Dissolving System (ODS) can dissolve 50 to 60 mg/l of oxygen using only 10-30 cm of head pressure and at over 90% efficiency. No other competitive method can achieve this performance. Reduced fish production costs are a result of this proprietary technology.

Each production tank has its own ODS installation. The Oxygen Dissolving System (ODS) is used to efficiently dissolve oxygen into the circulated water prior to entering the production tank.

Oxygenation of the circulating water before it re-enters the production tanks is critical for the healthy development of fish. Redundant systems assure system integrity.  The oxygenation is achieved by a built-in line Oxygen Dissolving System (ODS), and emergency back-up supply in the event of system failure.


high level of Dissolving Oxygen