Indoor RAS


Monitoring and Control

Effective control of intensive indoor fish farms is due to seamless integration between the high quality equipment installed and our specialized software systems.

AquaMaof provides a complete Monitoring and Control System with 24/7 monitoring and control of all critical process parameters such as:
  • Water: level, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, NH4-N, NO2-N, NO3-N, ALK, P, K, TDS
  • Environment: temperature, relative humidity, air change
  • Equipment: biofilter, pumps, blowers, oxygen generator, feed system
  • Visual alarm signals when sensors detect dangerous deviations from system parameters
  • Alarm signals and SMS (texting) notification of critical faults in the system
  • Automatic activation of emergency backup systems including electricity generator, oxygen supply, process
    support modes, bypass protocols.

Monitoring system in RAS fish


Remote Farm Monitoring

Key personnel have on-line remote PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone access to the farm control system off-site. They can see the working status of the farm in real time as displayed on operator control screen on-site. Remote access lets you see every camera input, alarm signal, and other relevant information from anywhere.