Indoor RAS


FISH Transfer System


Harvesting of the fish is carried out when they have reached their desired weight in line with the farm’s Fish Stock Management Plan. The fish are transferred stress-free, from and between the tanks via the Harvest Channel at the end of each growing period until they reach Market size and are ready for final harvesting to market.
"The machinery used during fish grading and harvesting includes:
The machinery used during fish grading and harvesting includes:
1. A Fish Screw Elevator (Pescalator) to transfer fish from the Harvest Channel to the Fish Grader.
2. A Fish Grader sorts the fish into prefixed sizes, undersized fish returned to the tanks for further breeding.

Harvest Channel

The Harvest Channel is a rectangular cross-section channel,
1.0 m wide located between the Production Tanks. It is
connected to each tank by a "monk" door. After the monk is
opened, the fish are pushed into the Harvest Channel using
a fish pusher.The Fish Pusher is placed in the channel. After all fish are in the channel the monk door is closed to prevent the fish from re-entering the tank.The Fish Pusher is driven forward

pushing the fish into the

Fish Screw Elevator fish harvesting and grading screw elevator in RAS pescalator (Pescalator)

The Pescalator is based on the
Archimedes Screw concept, gently
rotating to elevate the fish into the Grader
while keeping the fish in water at all times.



Fish Grader

"The Fish Grader sorts the fish by size and separates them into
desired size for marketing. It is located adjacent to the
processing plant load area or packaging and dispatch hall.