Case Studies

Ponds - Costa Rica

Providing daily shipments of fresh tilapia fillets to Miami is no small job. The Costa Rica project is producing 21,000 tons of tilapia in one of the largest, most advanced projects in Central America.
Located near the city of Liberia in Guanacaste, the farm processes fish for the American market utilizing state of the art equipment including effective aerators, fish harvesting system (screw elevators), fish grading machines, fish transfer tanks, and automatic feeders.
AquaMaof designed the processing and provided not only the technology but the technical know-how. Which is not insignificant. Guanacaste is located inland, off the coast, in the dry part of Costa Rica. Production of fingerlings is difficult three months of the year. To solve this environmental problem, the company is considering an indoor recirculating system for the spawning stage. Utilizing AquaMaof’s design and technology, and incorporating industry best practices, this project is making a difference in the market.